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Member Spotlight: Clark Anderson & John Rush

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Member Spotlight

For this Member Spotlight we wanted to feature Two of our Gold Badge Members from the LeTip of La Jolla Chapter!
Below are our interviews with Clark Anderson & John Rush.

Clark Anderson

I joined LeTip in 1982, and consequently am the number 2 in seniority. I have spoken dozens of times to the club, and my major point when speaking about how to be successful in this group is simply to show-up. People need to trust you and they trust people who are consistently at the meetings. Some categories are successful quickly and others take time, but you must show your face, tell your story, and chip-in when asked. It’s almost guaranteed. But you must hang-in there.
Myself, my biggest market is business life and disability plans and employee benefits. But individual plans are enjoyable too. With 42 years of experience, I’ve seen it all and have some interesting angles on solving business problems and situations. Buy-sell situations and non-qualified retirement plans are a big part of this as well.
Personally, I’ve been married for 42 years with 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. Life is good. In the spring I like to umpire little league games. That is a great deal of fun for me. 11 and 12 year-old buys are the best. They just love playing ball. It makes me feel young whenever I’m on the field with them.
Lastly, I’d like to thank John Rush, Dr. Mike Kilbride, Garry Grace, and Mike Coons for their help and support throughout the years. I really appreciate their friendships. We’ve had a lot of fun too!

Clark Anderson
LeTip of La Jolla, CA
Gold Badge

John Rush

I joined LeTip of La Jolla in July of 1982 after I was invited by Clark Anderson, who had joined the group the year before. I was present when Clark gave the biggest tip in history! LeTip’s founder, Ken Petersen, did my inspection himself.
I received my Gold Badge many years ago and have since referred potential members to others so that they could get a higher level badge and to encourage them to remain with LeTip for as long as I have. I’ll always remember my 27th member because a brand new category was needed for Web Design, so that provides an idea about how long ago it was. I was the representative for the Printer category for most of the years of my membership. My printing business was started in a garage but ended up as part of the largest printer company in the world. I assisted LeTip International’s in-house print shop when they were in San Diego. In addition to providing a staff member, I shared technical advice and supplies. I did the printing for them when they were unable to do it themselves. Eventually our chapter added a copying category for smaller orders. As technology evolved, I yielded my position so that the copying category could have the Printer position. I recognized that this added clarity, and better served the needs of the members. That person now refers work to me if he comes across larger projects.
I’m very proud to say that the board has given me the title of Chapter Ambassador. This role allows me to provide assistance to the board and to any of the chapter’s members, whenever they have a need for it. I’ve also served on the Ethics and Election Committees.
I always encourage people to join, to get involved and to stick with the group for the long haul. I’ve found longevity has been the greatest advantage of my LeTip membership. We may have 60 current members, but I have met hundreds of members throughout my 37 years with my chapter. Many became good friends and some became clients after they left the group; then telling their friends about me! I once received a great ongoing tip from a hairdresser who was a member for only a few months. My best outside tip was from a member who sold candy. It amounted to almost $100,000 each year for 17 years.
So, stick with your membership! The longer you stay, the more people you’ll meet. Get to know each member, because you never know who may provide a very valuable tip!

John Rush
LeTip of La Jolla, CA
Gold Badge