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Member Anniversaries

Dec 20, 2020 | News & Announcements

From November thru December 2020, we want to celebrate some special anniversaries of our members.
We have 61 members celebrating milestones from 5 – 20 years:

Member Years in LeTip Chapter
Rick Grabianowski 20 LeTip of Battle Born of Reno, NV
Daniel Russell 20 LeTip of East Broward, FL
Tina Scarselli 20 LeTip of Reno, NV
Robert Heffernan 20 LeTip of Somerset Hills, NJ
Barbara Mitchell 20 LeTip of McMinnville, OR
Mark Eisenberg 20 LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA
Nancy Brokaw 20 LeTip of San Diego North, CA
Edna Vilozny 15 LeTip of Capitola, CA
Greg Lefkowitz 15 LeTip of Hackensack, NJ
Rae Kelly 15 LeTip of Desert Springs, NV
William Ormond 15 LeTip of Pacific Coast, CA
Steve Hornstein 15 LeTip of Northridge, CA
Saul Shapiro 15 LeTip of Princeton, NJ
Dominic Marco Jr. 15 LeTip of Yardley, PA
Deanna Mailman 15 LeTip of Orange County, CA
Mitchell Silvey 15 LeTip of East Broward, FL
Jeff Bechtold 15 LeTip of Downtown Philadelphia, PA
Salvador Diaz III III 10 LeTip of Desert Springs, NV
Peter Russo 10 LeTip of Harrisburg Metro, PA
Dylan Kramer 10 LeTip of West Loop, IL
Ying Lee 10 LeTip of Central Nassau, NY
Tom Lasswell 10 LeTip of Lake Stevens, WA
Fred Hodge Sr. 10 LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Andrei Levytsky 10 LeTip of Bergen County, NJ
Frank Novotny Jr. 10 LeTip of South Carroll, MD
Gerald Grossman 10 LeTip of Central Nassau, NY
Nachshon Ivry 10 LeTip of Morganville, NJ
Joshuwa Armstrong 10 LeTip of Freehold, NJ
Cheryl Bovee 10 LeTip of Vacaville, CA
David Kugelman 10 LeTip of Yuba City, CA
Erika Mlachak 10 LeTip of Culver City, CA
Elise Gross 10 LeTip of Boca Raton, FL
John Cencig 5 LeTip of Northwest Suburbs, IL
Nathan Wrhen 5 LeTip of Greater Reading, PA
Martin Lopez 5 LeTip of Greater San Diego, CA
Melissa Jensen 5 LeTip of McMinnville, OR
Robert Baxley 5 LeTip of South Placer, CA
Michael Flaherty 5 LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA
Aaron Lewis 5 LeTip of Hayward/Castro Valley, CA
Jessica Jones 5 LeTip of Lower Bucks, PA
Leanne Reynolds 5 LeTip of Roseburg, OR
Tom Flowers 5 LeTip of Westminster, MD
Louella Woodhouse 5 LeTip of Mission Bay, CA
Linda Rasmussen 5 LeTip of Meydenbauer, WA
Vincent Vaccaro 5 LeTip of Doylestown, PA
Thomas Harris 5 LeTip of Sno-King, WA
Eden Silverstein 5 LeTip of Philadelphia – Metro, PA
Paul Nentwig 5 LeTip of Philadelphia – Metro, PA
Lawrence Hashimoto 5 LeTip of South Bay, CA
Yale Proctor 5 LeTip of San Jose, CA
William Paton 5 LeTip of Business Success Network, IL
Shohreh Janfaza 5 LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA
Christian Gray 5 LeTip of Carmichael, CA
Zehra Erilli 5 LeTip of Patchogue, NY
Roberta Needle 5 LeTip of Lehigh Valley, PA
Edna Ahdout 5 LeTip of Hackensack, NJ
Ben Seligsohn 5 LeTip of Newtown, PA
Peter Jones 5 LeTip of Lake Stevens, WA
John Desantis Jr. 5 LeTip of Coastal, NJ
Doris Splettstoesser 5 LeTip of Santa Cruz, CA
Lori Whittaker 5 LeTip of San Joaquin County, CA